Friday, November 27, 2009

My Hubby

There is a slight possibility that I'm prejudice, but I think this baby is ADORABLE.   By the time this picture was taken, he'd come a long way from the 5 lb premie that spent the first few months of his life in the hospital, looking like an alien baby.  Fast forward twenty-some years, and this is the man I married.  And yes, he's still as handsome now as he was then. 

I wonder if his parents knew he'd grow up as handsome as he did?  Did they know he would be strong, independent, confident, and a little stubborn?  Did they know he would be a man's man, working on his own cars, being a great shot with a gun (although not quite as good a shot as the wife -hehe), doing his own construction?  Did they know he would be a thoughtful husband, getting up on Saturday mornings and cooking breakfast for his wife or stopping by her work on an icy day and scraping the ice off her windows so she wouldn't have to? (I won't list all the sweet things he has done or continues to do, we'd be here forever)
Did they know he would love the Lord with all his heart, and seek to be more like him? 

They couldn't have known what an amazing guy they were raising.  I think they know it now.  I think they know he has great taste...he picked me didn't he?  :)  I thank God everyday for the husband he blessed me with.

And, if he ever decides to bless me with a son that looks like his daddy, I'll be doing well. 

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