Friday, January 8, 2010

The Good & The Bad

We all encounter various things in a day; some good and some bad.  So, here's a tiny peek into my day. 

I like to save the best for last, so...

This is the stack of customer profiles I had to print.  There's really no good reason for doing this.  Everybody who saw me thought it was nuts.  I did it because I was told to do it.  My supervisor's boss thought that to go through them, it would be best to "have something we can touch."  I think, in doing this little project, I have single-handedly wiped out an entire forest.  Way to go green. 

It's unusually cold today.  I don't handle cold very well.  I easily get cold, and it's very hard for me to warm up.  
My hubby, of course, knows this about me.  He also knows that our office is usually kept colder than I like.  I'm not alone, either.  I could name several people who keep a blanket in their chair, or a space heater under their desk. 
I got a call this morning, asking me to meet Hubby downstairs.  This is why he wanted to meet me.  To bring me starbucks. 

(It's not in the starbucks cup, because we're allowed to have drinks only if they are in the approved cup, with the company logo.  It is, however, an authentic white chocolate mocha.  MMmmm...) 

My hubby is awesome.  He should write a pamphlet on being a good husband.  :)   

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