Monday, February 15, 2010

A Valentine's Day Surprise!

Our Valentine's Day was very unique this year.  We went to Kansas for my niece's first birthday party which was on Saturday.  She's an absolute doll, and we had lots of fun playing with her and watching her eat cake (and smear it all over her head).  For her parents, it was the highlight of their weekend.  For us, it was only part.  We invited my Mom for a Valentines dinner before we headed out of town.  We gathered at Cheddar's with her and my younger brother (and attempted to have my Dad on the phone for the fun, but ended up having to call him later).  On Sunday morning, we gathered for breakfast to celebrate with Dean's Mom and Dad, Sister and Brother-in-law, Brother and sister-in-law and our sweet little niece.
At each of these gatherings, we gave our parents the following Valentine:  (the actual cards were much cuter, but you get the idea)
My mother's reaction included:  "Are you kidding?" squealing and jumping around.  Dean's mother's reaction was much the same:  gasping, "Are you serious?" and jumping up to hug us.  Dean's dad teared up, and kept smiling and hugging us the whole rest of our visit. 

And that concludes our Valentine's weekend.