Friday, March 19, 2010

10 reasons I’m ready for construction to be complete:

1. Living in a camper is not cool…especially in the winter…especially if it isn’t it very good shape.

2. I’m more than ready for a real shower. You know, where the shower itself is normal size, the water flow has more than just a water hose, and it has some pressure. (And I’m particularly excited about our shower because we are putting in a tankless water heater, which means cheaper electric bill, more eco friendly, and you never run out of hot water)

3. Cabinet space. I long to be able to keep my cabinets full, and have ingredients on hand. And I’m sick of going to the grocery store everyday and buying only what I can use that day. (I also like the idea of saving money by buying in bulk)

4. Flushing the toilet will be the end of it. No more emptying the holding tank….YUCK

5. I miss being able to cook what I want, because I have all the appliances I need. Blender, food processor, and an oven that cooks things well (and evenly).

6. The ability to lay on the couch and just watch TV if I feel like it.

7. Room to move. To stretch, to walk, to dance in the kitchen if I so choose (and I often do…or did before the camper days).

8. A closet big enough for more than just a couple pairs of pants & a couple shirts, and a dresser/chest of drawers with full size drawers (instead of the ones we have which are barely wider than my hand).

9. To have my washer/dryer back. I’ll be happy if I never have to set foot in a Laundromat again.

10. Pulling into the driveway, and be greeted by 2 loveable dogs, who are genuinely thrilled to have us home.

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