Friday, April 23, 2010

Morning Commute

It was a peaceful morning. The world was still wet from a hard rain last night, and the sun was shining. I love days like this, particularly the sun shining part. I listened to the radio, sang along, and enjoyed the fact that no one was driving too slowly and no one was doing irritating, irresponsible things. I do not enjoy irresponsible drivers. I had made my way into town, and was stopped at a stoplight when I realized I wasn’t alone after all. He came out from under the hood of my car, and peered in the window at me before strolling along my windshield wiper blade to check out the scenery on the other side of the car. Apparently, I had transported a field mouse into town. He ducked back under the hood when the light turned green. When I stopped at another light, he popped back out. I tried to take his picture, but the lights kept turning green. Martin wasn’t all that shy, though. Yes, I called him Martin. Even a mouse needs a name. So, he went to work with me. I fully expect him to have exited the car and explored the parking lot, and surrounding areas. He’ll be a little surprised when he’s ready for bed tonight and can’t find his nest. Little does he know, he has transitioned from country mouse to city mouse. The moral of the story? Don’t hitchhike when you don’t know where you’re going.

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