Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My New Love

When I think of bagels, I think of Panera Bread. Since I moved here for college, I have on multiple occasions been exposed to these beautiful treasures. They are a far cry from the plastic bags of bagels you buy at the grocery store. They come in all kinds of flavors, with all sorts of cream cheese spreads to top them off. My favorite of these scrumptious spreads has always been honey walnut. This morning, the CFO of our company brought a bunch of bagels from Panera. He does this occasionally, and I am always grateful. Being that I’m pregnant, I always welcome a snack, so I made my way to the break room and grabbed half a bagel. I looked at lids on the cream cheese spread to see what options I had…just in case I didn’t feel like honey walnut. And, there it was: hazelnut. They make hazelnut cream cheese spread?! That sounds absolutely wonderful. I should note that I adore anything hazelnut flavored. I seriously spent the first couple minutes holding my hazelnut slathered bagel just smelling it. It even SMELLED wonderful. And then, I sunk my teeth in. It was at that point that I saw little hearts fluttering around my face. I am in LOVE.

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