Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Life Is A Playground

God knows when I’ve had enough. It helps that I told Him I couldn’t take it anymore, but really, He already knew. Remember how I’ve been living in a travel trailer for the last 8 months? The 8 months that was supposed to have been a couple? Yeah, that gets old. And then, things keep going wrong with the stupid thing, and it gets older. And then, you get pregnant and irritable and impatient, and it REALLY gets old. It’s at that point that you pray to God and beg Him to get you out of there. You know if things go well that it could be ready to move into (meaning the bedroom & bathroom are done at least) in 2-3 more weeks. But, when you reach the end of your rope, it’s not good enough. That is where I was. And then, God provided a place for us to stay for a couple weeks. Our pastor and his wife asked us to housesit while they were out of the country. Thank you, Jesus, a real shower and a bed on a frame instead of a mattress on plywood, and space to move, and no electrical issues, or heating/cooling issues, or plumbing issues, and a kitchen with working appliances and counter space, and did I mention a real shower? My nerves are very appreciative. At the same time, work has been a little slow for Dean, which isn’t the best thing for our pocketbook, but great for construction progress. It also helps that my brother works with Dean so they have the same days off, so he has help. That being the case, we may be ready to move in by the end of our house sitting. I pray that we will. In the meantime, I’m praising God for delivering me from the trials of the camper when I couldn’t take any more. Sometimes my life feels like swinging on a swing set. When the swing is at its highest, if I only look up, it feels like I’m falling. But, if I look around me, I’m aware of the seat holding me up and its fun.

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