Friday, June 18, 2010

The Sweetest Thing

That husband of mine, he’s a pretty sweet guy. I am continually aware of that fact. It’s usually pretty hard to overlook. That’s why I was bothered in Sunday school a couple weeks ago.

Our lesson was on marriage. So, each couple was asked a series of questions about their spouse. One of the questions was something along the lines of “What’s the sweetest thing your spouse has ever done for you?” He immediately began writing his answer, and I couldn’t for the life of me think of a good example. I knew there were plenty, but I just couldn’t think of one. I blame pregnancy. It’s done awful things to my brain.

Since then, I’ve felt a little bad for not having shared any good examples of how sweet he can be. It especially bothered me, because I knew there should be plenty to choose from, and yet there I sat with the perfect opportunity to brag on him and I couldn’t think of a thing!

So, today, I’ll share with you a few examples of the sweet nature of my hubby.

• While we were dating in college, he spent a semester in his hometown working, which was about 5 hours away from me. I hated it. Except for the long phone conversations at night.

He would often drive down to take me on a special date, and on one particular occasion sent me flowers at work before he came with a note that simply said, “Can’t wait to see you on Saturday.” I have never forgotten that…or the butterflies I felt.

• Also during that semester, my best friend came back to the states to visit family. She and her husband were missionaries in Poland at the time. I had made plans to drive 11 hours to her mother-in-law’s house in Illinois to visit. Dean drove the 5 hours to get to me, just to get back in the car and drive another 11 hours because he didn’t want me to make such a long trip alone.

• In the (almost) 3 years we’ve been married, I’ve only scraped ice off my car one or two times. He always scrapes my windows before he leaves for work. He’s even stopped by my work during ice storms (on more than one occasion) to scrape my windows before I got off.

• Just this week, he planted a couple rose bushes next to our house, because he wanted to make it feel more like a home for me. (It’s still under construction inside and out and not very homey).

I could list many more, but I’ll spare you. At least now I can now rest easy knowing I didn’t let his efforts and sweet thoughts go without recognition. He really is amazing. Have I mentioned lately that I love him? Because, I do…I love him A LOT.

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