Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spotlight on Family: Sister-in-Law #3

To keep with the theme of sisters-in-law, I’ve chosen to spotlight my third sister-in-law as the next family member.  I’ll tell you, when I highlighted my very first family member, it was to honor my Grandpa’s 90th birthday, and I had no idea it would turn into a regular segment, of sorts.  We’re sisters-in-law, because we’re married to brothers.  I had been married to Dean for 10 months when she became a part of my family, so now, over two and a half years later; it feels like we’ve been family for most of my life. 
Her name is Hillary, and the first thing that comes to mind about her is that she tends to automatically assume the best of people.  She gives everyone a chance.  She’s bubbly and fun.  And, because of her (well, and my brother-in-law) I am an aunt.  I had known people who had babies before, but she gave me the first up-close look at motherhood.  I have the sweetest memory of her planting the most gentle, loving kissing on her newborn baby’s face.  I don’t think I’ll ever forget that picture.  It was at that moment that I really knew how a woman’s heart changed with that new life. 
I don’t see her as often as I’d like, because we live about 5 ½ hours apart.  When we do get together, though, we have a great time.  The last time I saw her, we stayed up with Misti (the SIL we share) and talked until 2am.  I could’ve stayed up much longer, but I knew I’d be traveling home the next day with a baby in the backseat and decided I needed my energy. 
 I also appreciate that we like a lot of the same foods, so when it’s Thanksgiving and I want some dish like Broccoli Rice casserole that nobody else likes, I know she’ll eat it with me.  She’s a keeper.

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