Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Good Week

Today is brag on hubby day, just fair warning. 
It is my firm belief that I have pretty much the best husband ever.  Of course, he’s not perfect and he has been known to get on my nerves, and he doesn’t always do everything right.  But, sometimes he gets it just right and he’s always sincere.  Most importantly, he loves me, he’s honest, he’s thoughtful and he cares.  Oh, and he’s funny.  And he’s pretty hot…just saying.
Anyway, this week, he’s just hitting the nail on the head a lot.  Monday, it was a rough day at home with the baby.  She wasn’t feeling good, and was fussy, and wouldn’t sleep.  So by the end of the day, I was pretty frazzled.  Dean called on his way home to see if he needed to pick anything up before he came home, as is his custom.  He asked about supper, and I told him I hadn’t even had time to think about it.  He asked if I’d had a rough day, and said he’d pick up something for supper.  When he got home, he pulled steaks and sweet potatoes out of the grocery bags and announced that he was grilling me a steak, because I needed it after the day I’d had.  And, we all know how I feel about steak.  Have you ever read The Five Love Languages? I think steak may be one of my love languages.
Score 1 for the awesome hubby this week.
Also this week, I’d been looking at couches on craigslist.  You see, we gave our couch to my brother, because it was just too big for our house.  So we’ve been using lawn chairs ever since construction was completed enough and we moved in…which was last summer.  I really wanted a couch.  But, I was mostly just dreaming, because things have been pretty tight lately.    Yesterday, he came home from work and told me to put my shoes on and come outside.  He’d bought me a couch for my birthday (which is next week) that I’d seen on craigslist.  Apparently, he’d been saving a few dollars here and there since Christmas so he could afford to buy me a birthday present. 
Score 2 for the awesome hubby.

Am I a blessed woman, or what?

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