Friday, March 18, 2011

Open & Honest

I’m going to be very open and honest here.  I’m also going to try to be informative. 

I had a health class in college in which the topic of Parkinson’s disease came up.  The teacher asked if anybody knew what it was, and some girl raised her hand and said, “It’s where you shake a lot.”  It flew all over me.  She was misinformed.  Well, really, I suppose she was under informed.  Many Parkinson’s patients do shake, but that is just ONE of many symptoms, and not always the most prevalent.  I could tell you all about Parkinson’s, but I’ll leave it up to you to read for yourself.  For a brief overview, go here.  At first glance, it seems simple, but don’t be fooled.  It causes many, many problems in one’s body.  It can be treated, but only so much, and only for so long.  There is no cure.  And, in my personal opinion, is the most evil of diseases.  I honestly think I’d rather have cancer, not that I’m down-playing cancer here.  I definitely don’t want that either.  I’m just pointing out how bad it can be.  Luckily, it is a disease that affects mostly people over 50 or 60.  I think that’s why people know so little about it.  There are some people, however, who get it much earlier, and for those people it really has time to wreak havoc.  Unfortunately for him, Michael J. Fox is one of those people.  It is, however, fortunate for other Parkinson’s patients, because it means more media coverage, and more research.  You can check out his website for more information. 
More people you may know with Parkinson’s disease:

Janet Reno
Muhammad Ali
Billy Graham
Hitler (possibly)
My Dad

In the spirit of being open and honest, feel free to email me with questions/comments.

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