Friday, April 22, 2011

7 Month Favorites

Dinah is 7 months old today.  Can someone tell me how this happened?  You always hear people say, “They grow up fast,” or “Enjoy it.  They don’t stay little for long.”  Those have got to be the biggest understatements in life!  WOW.  She is growing up way too fast.  And, I hate it…except it’s a lot of fun.  In general, life is pretty much the same as it was 7 months ago…except for Dinah. 
So, in honor of her 7 month milestone, I thought I’d reveal a few of our favorite things. 
Mom & Dad’s favorites: 
1.) pacifier wipes 
We saw these in stores before DC was born, and thought they were stupid.  But now? Oh, now we totally get the functionality.  She drops her pacifier or toy on the floor in the middle of a parking lot? Pull out the pacifier wipes.  I use them to wipe off high chairs & the table in front of her when we go out to eat too, because if she can reach it she will chew on it.  And, they’re made with 100% food grade ingredients, so we can clean things without worrying about what chemicals she’s putting in her mouth afterward.
We use the stroller all the time.  She LOVES to go outside, so we use it to go on walks or as a chair if we want to sit outside and enjoy the warm weather.  I also use it in the house.  Sometimes I put her in the stroller and park it next to me while I do dishes…she likes to be part of what’s going on.  I’ve even used it as a high chair.  We’ll be using it for a long time. 

Dinah’s favorites:
1.) going outside – she never gets tired of going outside, and it is a great way to pull her out of a funky   mood. I can totally relate to that one!

2.) her cousin Lyla- they may live 5 hours apart, but they are always happy to see each other.  Dinah lights up whenever Lyla walks into a room…even if she’s been crying and nothing else can make her happy.  And, she loves to give her kisses.  Sweetest thing ever.
3.) the dogs- She gets so excited when she sees them.  She loves to watch them, and feel of their fur. 
4.) standing up- This is a relatively new favorite, but it’s definitely at the top of the list.  She loves to hold our hands and stand on our laps or on the couch next to us, and it almost always turns to bouncing.  Last week, she pulled herself up in her crib and now she pulls up all the time (usually on us). 
Our sweet baby may be growing up too fast for my taste, but what a joy she is!  I can’t get enough of her smiles & laughter & jabbering, or the intrigue of discovering the world around her.

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