Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Curses Turned to Blessings- Part I

Do you ever feel like everything goes wrong at once?  It seems like we can never face just one trial at a time.  It gets very discouraging.  But, sometimes, what seems like a curse ends up being a blessing.   That happened to me twice in one week recently. 
First, Dean and I went to the Verizon store to talk to them about our internet.  Our internet device is getting pretty old, and it’s not working too well anymore.  We decided to make a stop at the store and see what our upgrade options were.  As it turns out, internet plans with them are not like phone plans.  You cannot upgrade the device and keep the same plan.  This poses a problem for us when our internet is currently unlimited, but upgrading would put a cap on how much we can use. 
Since we were already there, we decided to look at phones.  Ours were about 3 years old, so we knew an upgrade was likely sometime in our future.  Dean looked at heavy duty phones that would be suitable for his profession.  I looked at feature phones, because I was not going to waste my money on a stupid data plan for a smartphone.  But then, a combination of things happened.  My husband likes to take care of me, and left to his own devices, he would spend more money on me than he does on anything else.  The salesman knew how to do his job.  So, the two of them convinced me to look at smartphones.  In the end, I walked out of the store with a new iPhone.  After talking it over, we ultimately decided that our best option would be to buy one for me now (Happy Mother’s Day to me!) and in a month or two buy one for Dean.  Truth be told, it will be invaluable to him in his job and after purchasing a special case it is rated just as good as most heavy duty phones.  They will take the place of our home internet, and our data plans will cost exactly what we pay now for internet. 

So, welcome to my life iPhone, I think we’ll get along quite nicely.

To Be Continued…

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  1. I was so against smart phones becuase I have a problem with being addicted to my emails... BUT I got mine last spring and I am SOOOO in love, it does make you very "reachable" but also so uber convienent! Which us mommies need! Welcome to the crazy iphone ppl world! :)