Thursday, May 26, 2011

My New Favorite Thing

I have no grass. 
My yard is currently made up of mostly dirt and sand.  It’s a mess.  It’s a mess that is easy to track into the house. 
I have tile floors.
I hate walking on dirty tile floors.  Yuck.  It feels gross on my feet. 
No grass + tile floors = constant filth.  I clean the floor and by the end of the day they’re dirty again.
I have a baby. 
I have a baby who is becoming ever so mobile.  This is an added complication to my dirty floor dilemma.  I hate dirty floors to begin with, but I definitely don’t want my little dust mop who puts everything in her mouth crawling around on it. 
My cleaning routine has been: sweep with a broom, sweep again with a dust mop, then mop.  It’s exhausting, and then it’s dirty again by the end of the day. 
Enter the Shark Vac then Steam. 
My mother understood my plight, and knew that I wanted one for my birthday.  I cannot thank her enough for this.  It is awesome.  You vacuum the floor, then fill it up with water, clip on the pad, switch to mop and go again.  It cuts way down on my time.  It picks up dirt better than my broom.  It mops really well.  And, it disinfects with steam.  Best of all, it does its job well enough that I don’t have to do it every single day.  I don’t feel so bad when I catch Dinah licking the floor.  It also feels better on my feet. 
It’s definitely worth the money. 
I knew I wanted one, and I emailed Shark to see if I could get a coupon to make it more affordable.  No answer.  But, I bought it anyway, and I love it.  Can I just say that again?  I LOVE it.  It gives me clean floors…and peace of mind. 

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