Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Nine Months

Wow.  Have I been a slacker about posting lately, or what? I don’t suppose it matters.  I have no good reason to be writing a blog anyway, except that I just felt like it one day.  Maybe someday I’ll say something entertaining.  Wouldn’t that be nice? I’m a strong supporter of entertaining blogs. 
Anyway, my daughter is 9 months old now, so I thought it fitting to dedicate a post to her.  Okay, so this blog is largely dedicated to her in general, but I am of the mindset that there can never be too much Dinah.  She’s kind of wonderful. 
She seems to do something new every other day.  At this point in her life, she has been pulling up on things for quite awhile.  She walks around furniture, or by pushing something in front of her. 
She crawls everywhere, and climbs on everything.  Last week, she got her 2nd tooth.  This week, she started waving.  And, can I just say, cutest thing ever? I love it.  We’d been trying to get her to do it, and she would hold her hand up, but hadn’t gotten the waving part yet.  Then one morning, it just clicked.  She started waving at everything: a box of crackers, the coffee table, us.  Now, she uses it to her favor whenever possible.  If we try to get on to her for something, she waves.  She waves at people in the grocery store, and tries to get the attention of everyone there…and it generally works. 
She’s starting to eat some finger foods.  I really started giving her things to eat on her own when she decided one day the pureed food I was giving her was boring, and refused to eat.  I gave her some crackers and cantaloupe instead, and she devoured it. 
And, she keeps trying to stand on her own…although, she has not been successful yet. 
 Now, if I could just get her to say “Mama.” 

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