Thursday, September 22, 2011

The First Birthday

Well, it happened.  Today, my baby turned ONE.  I’m not quite certain how this happened.  I don’t recall giving her permission to turn one.  But, she’s so darned cute, so I think I’ll let it slide.  As long as she promises not to ever turn sixteen. 
A lot has happened in the last year.  I went from being an elephant to being a normal human being again.  I went from sleeping to not sleeping.  Mostly, I went from a household of just me and my husband to a household of me, husband and baby.  People always tell you that when you have kids your life will be turned upside down.  Our lives are entirely different, and yet, it’s hard to imagine what life was like before. 
It all started like this.  
 One year ago, she entered our lives; our beautiful baby girl. 

She didn’t do much, aside from sleep, eat and poop.  And yet, we were enthralled with her.  We thought she was so much fun. 
But then, she became even more fun. 
And more. 
She’s brought such immense joy to our lives.  A smile from her can brighten my day quicker than anything.  A giggle makes my heart overflow.  The way she points and grins when I walk in the door makes me feel more welcome and appreciated than I’ve ever felt before.  She’s such a friendly, happy girl.  She makes an impression wherever she goes.  We love her more with each passing day. 

Happy Birthday to our precious Dinah!

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