Friday, September 2, 2011

This Time of Year

When I was in high school, I couldn’t have cared less about football for the most part.  I went to all the games, simply because I was in the band.  Sure, I cheered my team on (especially if it was a particularly good game), but I still didn’t care that much.  I didn’t really understand it, either.  I never bothered to.  I never felt school spirit.  I didn’t have a bad high school experience, but I never felt many ties there.  Last night was pretty much the biggest game of the year for my high school; the rivalry game.  I still don’t care. 
After high school, I went to a small college close to home for a couple years.  I had a little more school spirit there.  I did to start with anyway.  By the end, I hated that place.  When I left there, I transferred to a bigger, more respected university.    And then, something happened.  The place became dear to my heart.  It was home.  I cared more if we won or lost.  I felt a connection to the players, whether I knew them or not.  And, I began to love football.  I began to understand it better, because I wanted to understand it better.  At first, I only cared about my team, but as the time has passed, I’ve begun to develop opinions and loyalties of other teams as well.  I’m not a huge football fan.  I don’t care much about the NFL, but I love some college football. 
I’m proud of my alma mater.  I know the songs and chants. (I never knew the words to our high school fight song).  When I graduated from there, I felt as though I had accomplished something worthwhile.  I love the campus, and the buildings.  I loved the time I spent there.  Some of the best people I’ve ever known, I met there.  I worked harder there than I had ever worked before.  I learned more than I’d ever learned before, or since.  So now, I get excited when this time of year rolls around, because…
It’s football time in OKLAHOMA!

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