Friday, November 18, 2011

Beauty Products

I’ve found that when it comes to makeup and hair, but particularly makeup, I don’t just walk in the store, grab what I need and go.  Dean doesn’t understand why I don’t just grab what I used the last time and get on with my life.  Well, if I find I like it particularly well, I do just grab the tried and true.  But, if it didn’t stick out in my mind, I peruse the aisles and wonder if there’s something better out there.  Every so often, I get a wild hair and read review after review of products trying to find that extra special product.  It doesn’t usually amount to much. 
I am by no means someone you’d go to for style or beauty advice, but sometimes you find the best things just by comparing notes with people you know.  So, here are a few of my favorites and/or go-to items. 
1.   Almay Smart Shade FoundationI’ve been using this for the last few years.  I wanted to try it when it came out, because I liked the idea of not having to match the right shade.  Since I started using it, they have come out with Smart Shade/Smart Balance and Smart Shade/Anti-Aging.  I’ve used them all.  I didn’t notice much difference between the normal and the smart balance.  Most recently, I decided to try the Anti-Aging, and it’s not as runny as the others.  I’ll probably stick with this one. 

2.   CoverGirl LashBlast Mascara
I tried this mascara and liked it, so I bought it the next couple of times.  The last couple times I’ve bought mascara, I tried something different.  Once my current tube is out, I’m going back.  It’s by far my favorite. 

3.   Napoleon Perdis Mighty Concealer Pen
I haven’t been using this concealer long.  I haven’t tried a ton of different ones, but I’ve never found anything I like.  I found this one at Ulta.  I was looking for something to cover the dark circles that plague me thanks to a teething baby, but I didn’t want it to settle into the creases like the others I’ve tried.  It’s definitely pricey, but so far it’s much superior to anything I’ve tried in the past.

4.   Aquage Uplifting Foam
This is THE best root lifter I’ve tried.  Thanks to my growing addiction to pinterest, I found this great hair blog.  If you’re on pinterest, you’ve probably seen it.  That’s where I heard about this product, and because my hair can always use help in the volume department I decided to try it.  It’s also a little pricier than I’ve used in the past, but so worth it.  My hair has looked worlds better since I started using it. 

5.       Redken Body Full Shampoo
Another discovery thanks to my new favorite blog.  It costs about 3 times more than what I usually spend on shampoo. I had some Amazon gift cards, so I decided to use those and give it a try.  It lathers really well, though, so I use about a third of what I normally use.  It cleans pretty well, and like I said, my hair has had much more volume lately, but I attribute most of that to the root lifter.  I don’t know how often I’ll splurge on it, but by the looks of it, I won’t run out for quite awhile.  So, we’ll see how much I think it’s worth it by then. 

So those are my current favorites.  What do you love? Please share!

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