Friday, December 16, 2011

Decorations of Red

I promised to post pics of our meager Christmas decorations.  While I miss my big pretty tree, I’m happy with what we’ve done this year.  Someday I’ll put my big tree up again, but this will do for now. 
Since our tree is so small, we thought it needed to be elevated so we put it on the piano.  It’s safer there anyway, so it’s out of reach of our little monkey, which is important since I accidentally bought breakable bulbs to put on it.  I’m willing to bet that if we’d left the tree within her reach, she’d be toddling around the house, dragging the tree behind her and leaving a trail of broken bulbs in her wake. 

Even though we don’t have room for the big tree, the house is finished enough this year that we were able to add some other decorations elsewhere.  We have brick where the wood stove sits, so we hung garland and lights on it, so it’s almost like a fireplace.  Cozy.  Well, except we still haven’t gotten the stove pipe installed so it’s not actually functioning yet.  Details. 
Then, we wrapped garland around the beam and made it look all festive.  There’s just something about having a wood beam in a living room wrapped or draped with garland.  I love it.  And, when I say “we” here, I mean that Dean did this entirely.  He took over a lot of it, because he’s much more meticulous.  I just tell him what I want. 
And last but not least, my wreath, or letter “A” rather, that I made for the door.  I was feeling crafty.  I also learned that I don’t have time to be feeling crafty.  It was kind of fun, though. 

*As always, please excuse my lack of photography skills. 

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