Friday, January 20, 2012

Make Me Cry

I used to never cry, especially over movies. 
 Well, except when Armageddon came out when I was in high school and Liv Tyler in saying goodbye to Bruce Willis started to cry and said, “Daddy no.”  I cried with her then.  Other than that, I had never cried during a movie.  Then I got married. 
 In the first few months of our marriage, Dean and I watched We Were Soldiers, which I’d seen before on more than one occasion and it had never bothered me.  Only this time, the thought of losing my husband made me tear up.  Still, I only cried over situations like that.  But then, I became a mother. 
At first, I blamed the extra emotion on hormones.  After sixteen months, though, it doesn’t seem to be temporary anymore.  A lot more things just pull at my heart strings.  A few months ago, around the time Dinah turned one, we were at an event where the pledge of allegiance was said.  Yep, you guessed it, totally teared up. 
Thanks a lot, Dean and Dinah!
They look innocent enough...

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