Thursday, March 22, 2012

Birthdays, Half & Whole

Good news! This week was my birthday. I made it through another year. Whew!

There’s something special about my birthday these days. It happens to be Dinah’s HALF birthday, which was kind of a big deal last year because she was 6 months old and we started her on solid food. Hooray sweet potatoes! And this year is sort of special because she’s 18 months, so it kind of feels like a milestone. Her future half birthdays probably won’t mean as much. Well, not to anybody else, anyway.

She continues to grow and change way too fast, but she’s just getting more and more fun. She’s communicating better, partly because she’s learned a bunch of new words, and partly because she uses hand gestures to get her point across. Her personality is blossoming more and more…as is her temper. She’s a little spitfire. But, at the same time, she’s so sweet and tenderhearted.

Her favorite things at this age are her cousin Lyla, her pink boots (she always brings them to us & wants to put them on), reading books, dogs, and playing outside (especially in her sandbox or on her swing set). When I say she loves being outside, I mean she LOVES being outside. She starts pointing to the door and saying "outside" as soon as she wakes up and she wants to stay outside every second for the rest of the day.

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