Friday, May 25, 2012

Little Girl With A Big Attitude

Dinah is so much fun at this age. Her little personality keeps blossoming (and so does the attitude). Some observations of our 20 month toddler:

•She often doesn't want to get dressed, and when she does she has opinions about what she should wear, particularly shoes.

•She loves dogs. She particularly likes it when they do what she wants, and my Mom's Maltese isn't big enough to resist much. And if she does resist, all Dinah has to say is, "Granny... I need Val" and she gets her way.

•She likes to be up and going all the time, and she wants you to be too. If you sit down, she starts asking, "You want up?" If that doesn't work, it turns to "I want you up!"

•She still loves to read. Several times a day we hear, "wanna read?" She has her own names for some of them. Where The Wild Things Are has become "Rawwwrrr," and The Boy Who Wouldn't Share is referred to as "Mine."

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