Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

Here's a peek at Dinah's weekend with her Daddy (and Mommy) for Father's Day.

There was a trip to their favorite store, Lowes. Daddy is so proud that Dinah loves it as much as he does. Every time she sees one of those blue carts for carrying material, she climbs on and says, "Daddy...ride?"

We built a side rail for Dinah's bed so she doesn't fall out. And by we, I mean Dean, of course. Dinah and I hung out and played while he did it.

We took Daddy out for Mexican food. He loved the food. Dinah loved the live music. Although, she wasn't nearly as confident when they were serenading her.

Dean and Dinah really enjoyed their time together, and Dinah was definitely a Daddy's girl all weekend.

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