Friday, June 22, 2012

The Story of Us- Chapter 3

When school started again in the fall, I had two great roommates, several new friends from the BSU, and an activity to participate in that would shape the rest of my life. That semester started what was to be some of the greatest years of my life. I learned, I laughed, I worked, I played…I grew.
After our first ministry team meeting, I stood talking to a new friend. When our conversation was finished, there was a group of guys standing nearby talking about bad smells. One in particular told about working at a feed lot as a teenager. To this day, that is the only story in particular I remember from that conversation. It must have caught my attention to hear someone mention agriculture, since I grew up in the country and all of my friends in college were from the city.
That semester, I briefly dated someone who had become a good friend, and while our friendship was never the same afterward, it was the first relationship in my life that I didn’t regret later. I didn’t wonder what I’d seen him, or question what I’d been thinking. I knew that although he wasn’t the guy God had intended for me, he had been put there for a reason. I’ll always be grateful for that, and for the healing it brought. I’ll always believe that God used that to point me in the right direction, although I wouldn’t see just how much until later.
That year brought and grew so many great friendships. My mom had always told me that college was a special time that I really needed to experience. I realized that year that she couldn’t have been more right. That year and the next completely changed my life. I had great role models and good friends from all over the world.
When school was out in May, I went home for a few days and then came back to spend my summer working, interning and laying by the pool. It was the first summer since I’d started college that I didn’t go home for the summer. I had no idea what the implications of that decision would be.

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