Friday, September 14, 2012

30x30-ish: Follow up

In March, I entered my last year of my twenties. I had this grand idea of coming up with a “30 by 30” list, or 30 things to do by the time I turned 30. I thought about it for a couple weeks, and because I’m neither creative nor blessed with loads of free time, I only came up with eight. Well, 8 by 30 doesn’t sound as good, but it was a little more realistic, probably. Baby steps. So, now that we’ve reached the halfway point, here’s an update on my list.

1. Potty train Dinah –
We’re working on it. She was really interested and doing really well at the beginning of summer, and now all of the sudden she has no interest at all.

2. Pay off a debt-
Nope. Not much progress. In fact, after an ER visit on Easter I’ve actually accumulated more.

3. Visit friends or family not seen in awhile-
Check! Visited family over the 4th of July to meet our newest niece. A couple weeks later, met up with some friends as they moved cross-country. We hadn’t seen them in about a year and a half.

4. Go to an MLB game-
No. But, my hubby and I went on kind of a late anniversary date to the football home opener of my college alma mater. It’s a good trade for now.

5. Do/see something in my home state I’ve never experienced before-
Check! Dean and I went to POPS on Route 66 for one of our dates this year. It’s kind of a neat place, I’m sure we’ll go back.

6. Learn a new skill-
Dean taught me how to throw a football. He loves it, because he has someone to throw a football around with. He used to want a son to do that with, and then he realized Dinah would be happy to learn when she gets a little bigger. Then one day he asked me if I wanted to throw the football around and I said sure. Now he’s wishing he’d asked me a long time ago!

7.Sift through old pictures with Grandma.

8. Read 2 new books in their entirety-
Check! I finally got around to getting to the library and checked out a couple books last month. I read them both in less than a week. This week, I checked out a couple more, so I’ll have doubled this goal in no time.

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