Monday, December 10, 2012

The Long Cold Moment

I hate cold. I very passionately hate cold. This is no secret. And, I hate snow. I am definitely not of the mindset that if it's going to be cold it might as well snow. I will admit that snow can be very pretty, but that moment of beauty is quickly over as soon as you start walking and driving in it. It then just becomes dirty and messy and ugly and inconvenient.
I realize I'm in the minority this time of year, when people start dreaming of a white Christmas. Although around here it really is a dream. I think we've had snow for Christmas twice in my lifetime. And the last time was dubbed "snowmageddon" because it was pretty well blizzard conditions (that no one around here is prepared for or accustomed to) wreaking havoc more than anything else.
For me personally, I can pinpoint the exact moment that all of my hatred for snow and cold came to a head. I loved snow as a child. I could play in it, and then go inside and get away from it when I was ready. It didn't hurt that it held the prospect of a day of no school. I think I probably gradually grew less tolerant until it finally peaked to the point that there was no going back.
My parents were arguing as we drove away from the nursing home. My Grandpa had been there a week, but after this visit I knew it would be the last. The light he had always had in his eyes was gone. We didn't stay all that long, because it was starting to snow and we needed to get home before the roads got too bad. I was awakened the next morning with the news I had dreaded all night. He was gone. My greatest encourager, my biggest supporter, my best friend. I had spent my entire life, all but those last few months, within walking distance. It was my first time to lose someone close. The next couple days were spent braving the cold making the arrangements. And then, as I stood at the graveside, the wind picked up and it began to snow again. It was the coldest I had ever felt. My brother later told me that people talked about how cold it was that day, but that he didn't remember it. He was just numb. I think it made me feel the cold more. And ever since that day, I dread the cold and I hate the snow. It doesn't matter how many layers I put on, I can never get warm. It hurts my whole body, inside and out.

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