Friday, March 15, 2013

A Birthday List

Since my birthday is coming up, it seems only logical to make a list of things I want, or rather need. My husband will be happy to see this, because he’s been asking me for over a month. Then, he’ll realize most of the things on my list are a little out of his price range, and decide I’m not being that helpful, after all. That’s kind of the story of his life, though. I make life easy.
·Warm weather
·New shoes
·New house, outside of town (not as far out as we were, just not smack-dab in the middle like we are at the moment)
·iPhone case. Preferably blue with white polka dots. Or just a really pretty blue.
· Vacation. I’m not even that picky. I’d go just about anywhere.
·Facial and/or new makeup. I’m a little self-conscious about my skin lately.
· Job. Not for me, though. A really good job for Dean, so I can stay home.
· To hug all of my nieces.
· Joint birthday celebration with my good friend, like the old days (ok so maybe it only happened once, but it was one to remember)

There. That’s not too much to ask, is it? And, Hubby, if my wish list is too far-fetched, maybe we should just make it a week-long celebration.

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