Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Those Eyes

I have a three-year-old. That still seems strange to me, and the truth is she's almost halfway to four. Four?! Watching her grow has always been bittersweet. I enjoy each stage, but they pass so quickly. 

It's almost sadder with the second child. I look at those sweet baby cheeks, and I know from experience how quickly he'll grow up. I see that little toothless grin, and think how it'll be no time before he's three. Instead of my baby, who looks at me with such joy and wonder, he'll be the one being stubborn and testing every limit. It makes me so sad to know how quickly he'll grow up. Then I look in his eyes. 
Oh, those eyes. I get sucked into that beautiful, calming blue, and I feel better. Yes, he'll grow up too, just like his sister. And fast. But, at least his eyes will still be the same. 

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