Monday, July 29, 2013

From Baby to Little Girl

Early this year, we sold our tiny house in the country and moved into a rent house in town while we looked for our next place. We did minimal decorating, since it would only be temporary. Over the next few months, we looked at houses. Meanwhile, the owner of our rental put it back on the market, and we eventually decided maybe this very house was the right next step for us. 

A little over a week ago, we closed on the house and are officially homeowners again. It needs a little updating, but nothing major, and it's in decent shape for the amount we were willing to spend. Now we don't have to move again. Bonus! Besides, my husband can do anything we may need or want done, and do it well. He's pretty handy to have around.  

So, we took a newly purchased house and put a woman who is 7 months pregnant in it. It's like nesting in overdrive. We started working on the nursery. It's slowly coming together, and I'm anxious to get it done. It's going to be cool. We also started on Dinah's room. 

Until now, I'd been using the changing table as a bookshelf for her. I'm going to need that for a baby soon, though, so we bought her an actual bookshelf. It's amazing how much that alone changed the look of the room. So, after painting, rearranging and redecorating, Dinah officially has a mostly complete little girl's room. She even got to pick her own color and decorations and help paint.