Monday, May 5, 2014

Siblings and Friends

Having grown up with two brothers myself, I knew how special it was to have siblings. So, I always knew I wanted more than one child so they would have that too. Now that I have two, I'm incredibly grateful that they have each other. Nothing warms my heart like seeing the love and adoration they have for each other. And, it started the day Jack was born. 
Dinah immediately went looking for her baby brother and asked to hold him as soon as she woke up everyday for the first couple months of his life. 
They light up when they see each other, and they love doing things together. Nothing is as fun as making each other laugh. And nothing makes this Mama's heart happier. 
They thoroughly enjoy each other's company and I pray they always do. A siblings' bond is like no other. 
Maybe it's because they share in the joys of childhood. All I know is that siblings make the best friends.