Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I occasionally visit the pioneer woman’s website. Today, as I read the title of one post, my heart skipped a beat. It said “Berries for the Fourth.” My mind danced with visions of blackberries. And, sure enough, what I found was several recipes for blackberries. I’ve always loved them, but this year, I love them even more. Maybe more than is healthy. Being pregnant has put my taste for fruit in overdrive. I might have to go to blackberry rehab. I’ve also recently discovered self-serve frozen yogurt shops. I had read about one in Texas a few months ago, and then I noticed about 3 cropped up in our city shortly after. It wasn’t until recently that I walked through the door of one. And now, I’m hooked. I blame it on the fact that of the topping choices, they had lots of fruit, including… Yep, that’s right, BLACKBERRIES. I’ve decided that I’d never take off work if they would pay me in blackberries. I wonder if I could ever get tired of them. This might just be the year I find out.

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