Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Look Back: The Honeymoon

Since Tuesday was my anniversary, I have still been in memory mode. My wedding/honeymoon is probably my favorite memory to look back on and remember. It was so much fun. So happy and perfect…*sigh

Anyway, 3 years ago today, I was still on my honeymoon. We scheduled a sailing excursion, but it was cancelled due to weather (twice). We went to an aquarium, which I kind of thought might be a little dull, but it was actually really interesting. We checked out all the local shops. We visited the beach pretty much every day. Why wouldn’t we? It was right across the street! And, we ate Cold Stone every day. No kidding. How did I not feel guilty about that? We didn’t eat out much. We cooked in the little kitchen in our tiny cottage. We had plenty of time to just hang out and enjoy each other’s company.

This is where we stayed… We loved it.

The Crescent

screened porch, in case we didn't want to sit in the yard

The afternoon of our wedding, we saw the family off and came directly back to this couch for a nap!

Where we ate most of our meals

I love king size beds.  I always sleep well in a king size.  (There was no TV in the room when we stayed there, just the one in the living room)

Thanks for letting me reminisce and share my memories with you! 

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