Friday, February 22, 2013

High 5 For FRIDAY!

It's that time again! The end of the week. And, the day to link up with From My Grey Desk. So without further adieu, here's my Friday list. 

· My husband gave me a little bit of money for maternity clothes.  It’s amazing how much more confident a couple tank tops can make you feel. 

· My husband cooks me breakfast every morning. The older I get, the more I'm too lazy to get up early enough to make breakfast. And, he likes his breakfast so he's had to pick up the slack. He always gets up in time to cook for me, though, even when he doesn't have to be up until much later. He's a keeper. And, this week I've wanted biscuits and gravy so that's what I've gotten. Like I said, keeper!

·  My husband and I took some time last night for a late Valentine’s date.  We tried a new local restaurant that uses local ingredients in creative menu items.  Afterward, we went to a local bakery and coffee shop that we love. 

·  It’s been an interesting week.  It seems our year is continuing to follow the theme of big changes for our family.  We still have yet to see what exactly that is going to look like.  I have a feeling we won’t really know until the year is over and we look back on it. 

·  We still miss some of the things about our old house, but being closer to town and work is proving to have so many benefits.  For instance, Dean spent one day this week meeting with several different contractors and running errands.  He was able to come home for a few minutes in between, and come home and make a sandwich for lunch.  We got to see him more, and he didn’t have to wait around in town twiddling his thumbs. 

Notice how so much of this has started with "my husband" this or "my husband" that? I love that man!

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