Thursday, February 28, 2013


The older Dinah gets, the more her little personality just blossoms. She makes us laugh daily with her antics and the things she says. So, I figure it's time to start keeping up with some of the things that come out of her mouth, or what I like to call Dinah-isms. Here are a few examples.

Me: Are you a baby?
Dinah: No, I’m a BIG ol’ Dinah!

Me: You little monkey.
Dinah: No, I Dinah (insert full name). Not a monkey.

Dean: *scolding the dog for digging under the fence*
Dinah: Don’t yell at my Mucket! (musket)
Dean: She’s in trouble.
Dinah: No. She loves me!
Dean: I know she loves you, but she is in trouble.
Dinah: I LOVE HER!

Dinah sitting on the couch with her daddy as I leave for work: Bye, Mama!
Me: Bye, baby. I love you.
Dinah: Mama!
Me peeking back into the room: What?
Dinah: Daddy loves you.

Now, I just need to get better about writing things down as she says them so I don't forget.

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