Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Can I be Honest (and Mushy) for a Minute?

I have cute kids. They make me smile, and laugh. They bring joy and entertainment. They make me want to scream and pull my hair out. I love 'em. I love the three-year-old imagination, and the five-month-old giggle. 

But, you know what? I loved their daddy first. 

That guy. Oh, that guy. He makes me so mad, I want to throw things. There are times when I think, "ugh! I hate you!" The funny thing is, during those times, the very next thought in my head is that love him. I do too (love him, that is). Nobody else makes me smile as quickly as he does. Nobody knows me, and encourages me, and supports me like he does. Nobody loves me like he does. I am so thankful for him. He's a great dad, but first he was a great husband. I struggle with insecurity in pretty much every aspect of my life...except when it comes to him. I never doubt that he loves me. In fact, if I could see myself a little more like he sees me, I'd be a lot better off. 

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