Monday, November 16, 2009

All I Want For Christmas

With Christmas a little over a month away, I thought it only appropriate to post my Christmas list.

Rachel's Christmas List

That's right...a HOUSE. Only, not necessarily red.  And not cartoon.  A real house, please. 
Placed right here, would be fine: 
Heck, I would settle for our tiny little building/apartment, as long as it's FINISHED and I don't have to pay rent. 

Who doesn't want a new car?  I think an SUV would suit me just fine.  GMC Acadia, Ford Escape...something of the sort.  Classy, but efficient. 

And for days, when I just want to look good: 
I haven't decided what color.  Black, perhaps. 

New boots!  My old ones aren't very versatile.  Very cute with jeans, but what if I want to wear them with a skirt? 

A new, nice replace my cheap (but cute) Target watch

A new casual coat.  I love my wool peacoat, but it just doesn't work with sneakers. 
Sherpa lining, perhaps. 
A new niece or nephew.  One just isn't cutting it anymore :)  One of our own eventually, but I'm going to leave that one up to God. 

oh yeah, and one more thing...


An airplane would make traveling to see our parents much easier.  Especially the times we try to cram both siides of the family into one trip, (i.e. Christmas) and spend about 14 hours total in the car. 

I chose this pic because it looks similar to the plane we were in when Dean proposed. 

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