Thursday, May 19, 2011

Curses Turned to Blessings- Part II

One morning, almost a week before we went to the Verizon store, we loaded our baby and ourselves into our car to head to church, and…it wouldn’t start. 
After some inspection, a couple phone calls, and much deliberation, we determined the car was dead to us.  It’s been a great car, really.  But, it was old, and in the last couple years we’ve had to put more and more money into it.  At this point, we decided to cut our losses and not put any more money into fixing it when it’s not worth too much anyway. 
So, we were down to one vehicle.  Neither of us have had a car payment in several years, and we wanted to keep it that way.  But, we needed a car, and we didn’t have the money for one.  After hours of looking, and talking, and test driving, and figuring, we brought home our new car.    It is much newer and nicer than I pictured us having, but with a baby we’re not willing to take risks with, we needed something reliable.  We decided there was no way around making payments, so we might as well get something that will last.  And, we could get something older and not as fuel efficient or something newer and more fuel efficient and come out about the same on cost in the end. 
So almost a week after the cell phone incident, we bought this.    
And, my new phone paid for itself that day, by allowing me to look up competitor pricing online while we negotiated on car price.
What a week! So, two situations that seemed a little impossible in the beginning, God turned into two huge blessings.  I love it when that happens! And, it’s a nice refresher from the way things normally go when they all happen at once.    He always provides just what we need, doesn't he?  I need that reminder when I get discouraged.  He is in control, not me. 

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