Friday, March 16, 2012

I Get Bored Sometimes

One of the best things about my handy dandy, spiffy phone is that I have access to tons of games. They make waiting at the doctor’s office or slow days at work go by a little faster. And they’ve come a long way from the phone games of the old days. Remember snake? I liked it. Oh, but it’s no Words with Friends, is it?
The first games I downloaded when I got my phone were Angry Birds and Words with Friends. Not surprising, I’m sure. Everybody plays those. Most of the games I’ve gotten since then were in response to invitations from friends. The interactive games you play with other people are way more fun, although, I do have a couple of the single player games that I like.
Here are the games I play:

Words with Friends
Hanging with Friends
Dice with Buddies
Family Feud & Friends
Drop 7 (single player)
Jewel Solitaire (single player)
Angry Birds
Draw Something

Want to play? My username is raisingdinah.

What games do you play?

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